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20 trainsets are coming from the established Bombardier Sifang Power joint venture in Qingdao, which is already building loco-hauled inter-city stock for CR. Under the US$424m order, the C2008 trainsets are due for delivery between July 2006 and July 2007, and are expected to be used on routes in the south of the country.

On June 27 this year the Ministry of Railways signed a ´strategic co-operation framework agreement´ with Bombardier which provides for the purchase of additional trainsets, starting with an option for 20 more eight-car sets for delivery in 2007-08.

This accord also includes an agreement for the consortium to develop and support the Guangzhou maintenance depot able to service up to 250 high speed EMUs. The ministry will provide land for the depot, which will be designed and equipped by Bombardier. The company will also supply maintenance management services, spare parts, technical support and training over 20 years.

The C2008 trains are being designed at V?ter? in Sweden, where some of the propulsion equipment will be manufactured. Bogies will come from Bombardier´s Siegen plant, and the trains will be assembled by BSP at Qingdao. The design is a development of the wide-bodied Regina EMUs now in widespread use on regional services in southern and western Sweden.

Electrically, each train will be split into three units. Two will be formed with a driving motor, pantograph trailer and non-driving motor car, and the middle section will pair another non-driving motor and trailer car. This will give 20 powered axles out of 32 (Fig 1).

With a body width of 3 328 mm, the C2008 can easily accommodate the required 2+3 seating for standard class and 2+2 in first class, giving a total of up to 760 seats in an eight-car train (Table III). Seating will be a mix of face-to-face with tables and face-to-back airline style. Each vehicle will have a single wide doorway offset from the centre of the car, opening into a large vestibule area with toilets and related services. A bistro area will be included in each trainset.

Bombardier C2008 trains
Gauge mm 1 435
Power supply 25 kV 50 Hz
Maximum speed km/h 200
Maximum acceleration m/s? 0?6
Overall width mm 3 328
Roof height mm 4 040
Floor height above rail mm 1 250
Maximum axleload tonnes 16
Length of eight-car trainset m 214
Total weight tonnes 420
Number of seats (max) 760
Toilets per trainset 14

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