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Di3.628 passerer km 207,261 etter å ha ryddet Sørlandsbanen
Fotograf: Finn Lund

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Havelländische Eisenbahn AG V330.3 i Hamburg-Harburg
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Equipped with AC-DC transmission, DF7G diesel locomotive is designed for the shunting services in large marshalling yards, industry and mine.

DF7G diesel locomotive equipped a 1,840 kW diesel engine, brushless excitation alternator, AC auxiliary transmission system and three-axle bogies. The traction motor is provided with roller bearing suspended installation. Type JZ-7 brake equipment is used for the braking system so as to brake the locomotive independently or together with the whole vehicles trailed. Electric resistance brake can also be applied on long down gradient. There are electronic injection and mechanical injection methods for users to choose.

The locomotive features good performance, low oil consumption, reliable operation, easy maintenance and comfortable working conditions.

Modular structure is applied in new design. It is better for reduce repairing and running expense.

Wheel arrangement
Axle load
23±3% t
Service power
1,840 kW
Design speed
100 km/h
Starting tractive effort
428 kN
Continues tractive effort
308 kN

Kilde: China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation

DF7B 3020
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DF7B 3020 i Beijing
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5013 skifter vogner på Beijing Zahn
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