[SE] Värmlandstrafik AB månedskort

I min "karriere" på spor i Värmland hadde vi på SJ mange rare seanser med misbruk av Värmlandstrafik sine månedskort og andre terminkort....

En liten utflukt til Astilleros Españoles

Vårvinteren 1992 ble det flere turer til M/S Prinsesse Ragnhild [Color Line] som lå til ombygging ved Astilleros Españoles, i Cadiz....

Med JC 57783 til Roma med tørrfisk

En gang for mange år siden var det en kollega av meg in lastebil bransjen som behøvde akutt nødhjelp med å få av gårde en last med tørrfisk til...

[SE] Det er lenge til SJul

Går alle Tåg på Jul ?
Ja, de fleste tog går på hjul, men ikke riktig alle.
Spørsmålet bærer på en historie fra min tid i Värmland,...

[SE] Mitt siste SJ Team kom i mål, og kaffe får man i SJs Lounge !

Av og til dukker det opp minner fra en hyggelig tid, sammen med hyggelige kolleger ute langs sporene.
Dette bildet ble tatt da vi var kommet i mål...

[SE] Det var dette med Jernbane og Kaffe.

Det var dette med Jernbane og kaffe da.

Jeg er ikke den som er mest flittig til å reise med museumsjernbanene som vi har rundt omkring oss....

[US] Acela Trainsets: Amtrak Reveals Interiors, New Revenue Service Date


  • [US] Acela Trainsets: Amtrak Reveals Interiors, New Revenue Service Date

    Photo: In the new Acela trainsets, the color “red” distinguishes First Class from Business Class—as evident in the headrests here, and also on the door to the trainset. These First Class seats provide more space and leg room as well as personal tray tables, according to Amtrak. (Photo Courtesy of Amtrak)

    Amtrak on March 31 provided a look inside its new Acela trainsets from Alstom that it said will now enter Northeast Corridor service in fall 2023—another delay.

    The 28 trainsets, ordered in 2016, were originally slated to enter revenue service in fall 2021, but combined COVID-19-related supply chain problems and technical glitches pushed their release until early spring 2022. When asked by Railway Age to explain the new 2023 service date, Amtrak said: “We want our customers to experience these new trainsets as soon as possible, but at Amtrak, we will never compromise safety and testing. Alstom needs to complete extensive computer modeling and simulation tests and ensure they meet FRA’s safety requirements with this latest generation of high speed technology. The fact is these are the first trainsets built under FRA’s Tier III rule, which sets new design specifications to allow for operation at the highest speeds and on shared corridors. We hope this will be the first of many trains built under this new framework and that the lessons learned here will benefit those efforts.”

    Each trainset will consist of two power cars (one at each end), seven Business Class coaches, one First Class coach and a café car.

    Photo: Amtrak’s new Alstom-built Acela II trainset, seen here testing on the Northeast Corridor, is expected to enter revenue service in fall 2023. (Gary Pancavage)

    “America’s Railroad” held a media event in Philadelphia to unveil the interiors of the production trainset, which it said will offer “enhancements in comfort, technology, innovation and safety.”

    Photo: Business Class. Photo Courtesy of Amtrak.

    Business Class—designated by the color “blue” (pictured above)—will include 378 seats on each train, providing “spacious, high-end comfort,” according to Amtrak. Available at every seat: Personal outlets, USB ports, and adjustable reading lights. The section will also feature streamlined overhead luggage compartments.

    Photo: First Class. Photo Courtesy of Amtrak.

    Photo: Café Car. Photo Courtesy of Amtrak.

    “Between the sleek design of their interiors, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable amenities, and innovative safety features, our new Acela trains will help revolutionize American train travel,” Amtrak President and CEO Stephen Gardner said. “Thanks to Senator [Charles] Schumer’s [D-N.Y.] strong leadership and commitment to improving high-speed rail and Amtrak service in New York and throughout the nation, and the hard work of Alstom, Amtrak employees and our other partners, travelers will experience improved, modern and smoother service on the Northeast Corridor and provide this country with the type of modern train travel we deserve when these trains are ready for service next year.”

    “We are thankful for our partnership with Amtrak and excited to bring the world’s most technology advanced high-speed trains to the United States,” Alstom Americas President Michael Keroullé said. “These high-speed trains are proudly built by our team in Hornell, in partnership with the International Association of Machinists, and rely on a strong domestic U.S. rail supply base with nearly 250 suppliers in 27 states. We greatly appreciate the continued support from our federal, state and local partners along with Senator Schumer, New York Empire State Development, and the Hornell IDA who have played a vital role to help realize this transformational rail project for the Northeast Corridor and entire U.S. rail industry.”

    Amtrak first revealed the trainset interiors in 2018, and in 2019, Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono saw mock-ups at Alstom’s plant in New Castle, Del. How do the production trainset interiors differ from the mock-ups? Amtrak provided Railway Age with the following details:
    • “The production trainset seat-back tray tables do not have a second smaller ‘table’, although they do have a single cup holder.
    • “The production trainset foot rests are slightly different.
    • “The production trainset headrest design is slightly different.
    • “The production trainset grab handles on the aisle side of the headrests do not have the Amtrak logo.
    • “The production trainset display screen in café car above self-service food items will be one long screen, not two screens as seen in the mock-ups.
    • “The car length of the production trainset passenger vehicles with seating (Business and 1st Class) is much longer (not to scale) than in the mock-up. The café car mock-up was a full size replica/model.”
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    • [GB] New community hub facility for Wolverhampton station
      New community hub facility for Wolverhampton station

      A community hub celebrating Wolverhampton, offering passengers and residents a place to meet, access business advice and enjoy local art is open in the city’s railway station.

      The ‘Changemakers’ scheme is the brainchild of the Wolverhampton Business Improvement District (BID) in a partnership between station operator West Midlands Railway and rail firm CrossCountry.

      The facility is being fitted out...
      11-08-22, 16:48
    • [RU] [EU] Russia exceeds EU quotas for Kaliningrad in just two months
      Russia exceeds EU quotas for Kaliningrad in just two months

      Tensions between Russia and Lithuania have increased since the EU sanctioned the land transit of goods, including steel and concrete, from Russia and Belarus to Kaliningrad. According to Russia, the quotas established by the EU in June for land transit of goods are too low. Moreover, the quotas established for various products have already been exceeded.

      Russian politicians and influential figures have met at...
      11-08-22, 16:45
    • [FI] Banprojektet Kuppis-Åbo: Kuppis ändstation för Helsingfors- Åbo-Helsingfors tågtrafik från och med 15.8.2022
      Banprojektet Kuppis-Åbo: Kuppis ändstation för Helsingfors- Åbo-Helsingfors tågtrafik från och med 15.8.2022 – instruktioner åt resenärerna

      Från och med den 15 augusti 2022 avbryts Helsingfors–Åbo–Helsingfors tågtrafik vid Kuppis station i Åbo. De tillfälliga trafikarrangemangen gäller i cirka två år. Under tiden trafikerar Åbo regions kollektivtrafik Föli mellan Åbo centralstation och Kuppis.

      Ännu på måndagen 15.8. går resan mellan Åbo och Salo med buss (https://www.v...
      11-08-22, 16:41
    • [SE] Res klimatsmart med cykel – enkelt med FlixBus och FlixTrain
      Res klimatsmart med cykel – enkelt med FlixBus och FlixTrain

      Än är cykelsäsongen inte slut, särskilt inte på buss och tågbolaget FlixBus där man kan ta med sig cykeln på tåg och buss året runt. Något som visat sig vara populärt bland FlixTrain och FlixBus resenärer.

      – När vi lanserade FlixTrain förra året blev vi inte bara Sveriges mest prisvärda tågförbindelse mellan Stockholm och Göteborg. Vi blev även först med att kunna erbjuda våra resenärer...
      11-08-22, 16:36
    • [US] Happy 75th, CTA!
      Happy 75th, CTA!

      There is a big day planned in Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 1. That is the day the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will celebrate its 75th anniversary.

      “For 75 years, our dedicated, hard-working employees have kept CTA on track in providing the most equitable, accessible and affordable public transportation in the country,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “This is a milestone worth celebrating, and we have both entertaining and engaging anniversary...
      11-08-22, 16:27
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