[SE] Värmlandstrafik AB månedskort

I min "karriere" på spor i Värmland hadde vi på SJ mange rare seanser med misbruk av Värmlandstrafik sine månedskort og andre terminkort....

En liten utflukt til Astilleros Españoles

Vårvinteren 1992 ble det flere turer til M/S Prinsesse Ragnhild [Color Line] som lå til ombygging ved Astilleros Españoles, i Cadiz....

Med JC 57783 til Roma med tørrfisk

En gang for mange år siden var det en kollega av meg in lastebil bransjen som behøvde akutt nødhjelp med å få av gårde en last med tørrfisk til...

[SE] Det er lenge til SJul

Går alle Tåg på Jul ?
Ja, de fleste tog går på hjul, men ikke riktig alle.
Spørsmålet bærer på en historie fra min tid i Värmland,...

[SE] Mitt siste SJ Team kom i mål, og kaffe får man i SJs Lounge !

Av og til dukker det opp minner fra en hyggelig tid, sammen med hyggelige kolleger ute langs sporene.
Dette bildet ble tatt da vi var kommet i mål...

[SE] Det var dette med Jernbane og Kaffe.

Det var dette med Jernbane og kaffe da.

Jeg er ikke den som er mest flittig til å reise med museumsjernbanene som vi har rundt omkring oss....

[EU] Hitachi Rail completes acquisition of Bombardier Transportation’s contribution to the ETR 1000 high-speed train platform from Alstom


  • [EU] Hitachi Rail completes acquisition of Bombardier Transportation’s contribution to the ETR 1000 high-speed train platform from Alstom

    Hitachi Rail completes acquisition of Bombardier Transportation’s contribution to the ETR 1000 high-speed train platform from Alstom
    • Hitachi Rail jointly manufactured the train and has now acquired the business activities related to Bombardier Transportation's contribution.
    • Hitachi is currently jointly manufacturing the ILSA fleet (partnered with Trenitalia) to serve passengers across Spain, building on the success of the ETR 1000 in Italy, where it is known as the Frecciarossa 1000.
    • Acquisition is part of Alstom’s commitments to the European Commission in relation to its acquisition of Bombardier Transportation.
    • Formerly referred to as the V300 ZEFIRO, the platform is now called the ETR 1000.

    Hitachi Rail today confirmed that it has successfully closed the acquisition from Alstom of intellectual property rights and business activities related to Bombardier Transportation’s contribution to the ETR 1000 high-speed trains operating in Italy, France and Spain.

    The transaction is part of Alstom’s commitments to the European Commission in relation to Alstom’s acquisition of Bombardier Transportation.

    The ETR 1000 trains are the fastest, most sustainable and quietest in Europe, and are known as the Frecciarossa 1000, operated in Italy and France by Trenitalia and, within 2022, in Spain by ILSA (partnered with Trenitalia). The acquisition will mean that Hitachi Rail is now responsible for a portion of the IP and the whole maintenance contracts for the high-speed trains.

    The successful close of the acquisition will allow Hitachi Rail to fully support its customers as the iconic very high-speed train increases its reach across European high-speed rail networks. The acquisition will also reinforce the strength of the Hitachi Rail’s Service and Maintenance activities.

    Luca D’Aquila, Chief Operating Officer, Hitachi Rail said: “This is an important milestone for Hitachi Rail as we build on our global leadership in very high-speed train technology. With the successful introduction of the ETR 1000 in France and, within 2022, in Spain we are entering an exciting new phase for this market which can have a significant impact on the economic, decarbonisation and mobility strategies across the continent.

    “Today’s acquisition will enable us to support our customers to continue to grow high-speed rail travel across Europe. Our mission is to enable more seamless and sustainable journeys that encourage more passengers onto the railways.”

    Decarbonisation Impact

    Italy is a densely populated country and has made a long-term commitment to forge high-speed rail infrastructure across the country, investing €32 billion over 10 years.

    The ETR 1000 has helped Italy to significantly decarbonise its transportation sector by driving a modal shift away from planes and cars and towards lower emission rail.

    Between 2009 and 2019, 350 million people have travelled on Trenitalia’s high-speed services.

    The ETR 1000 design and manufacturing leads the way in environmental sustainability for high speed rail, by using 95% renewable materials.

    Advanced technology for more seamless passenger experience

    Since their introduction in Italy in 2015, these high-speed trains Frecciarossa 1000 have set enviable standards of performance, operating efficiency and passenger comfort.

    The ETR 1000 sets are used by Trenitalia on its core high-speed service connecting cities including Salerno, Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan and Turin.

    The trains are operable on high-speed rail networks equipped with multi-voltage technology fulfilling all TSI requirements.

    Each ETR 1000 train is around 200 metres long with capacity for around 460 passengers and capable of commercial speeds of up to 360 kph. State-of-the-art aerodynamics and energy saving technologies give the train unmatched operating efficiency. Once onboard, passengers can enjoy WiFi, a bistro area and high levels of comfort in all classes.
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    • [IT] Jernbaneutbygging i Norditalia
      Green light for Northern Italy rail expansion

      The Lombardy Region has greenlit the project for the quadruplication of the rail route between Milano Rogoredo and Pavia, in the North of Italy. The route is part of the line connecting Milan to Genoa.

      The project consists of two phases. First, over 260 million euros will be invested in the 11-kilometre section from Milano Rogoredo to Pieve Emanuele, which should be completed by 2026.

      The second phase of the project,...
      15-08-22, 09:25
    • [DE] Lønnsom gjenåpning av sidebaner i Tyskland vises i studie
      Benefits accrue from rural railway reopenings, study finds

      Reopening rural railways offers an important spectrum of benefits, according to a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development & Building. These range from positive effects on land use to advantages for local and regional economies, transport, the environment and society.

      The Räumliche Effekte reaktivierter Schienenstrecken im ländlichen Raum (Structural Effects of Reactivated Rail...
      15-08-22, 09:13
    • [EU] Forskningstudie viser uutnyttet potensial for nattogsreiser
      New scientific study hints at untapped potential for night trains

      If operators of night train services focus on increased levels of comfort and more privacy for travellers, people will be more inclined to use sleeper trains, researchers from consultancy firm Royal HaskoningDHV and Delft University of Technology have found.

      In a study published earlier this month, a team of five researchers set out to uncover “if and under which conditions” travellers are willing to...
      15-08-22, 09:20
    • [EG] Talgo awarded Egyptian night train contract
      Talgo awarded Egyptian night train contract

      Egyptian National Railways has awarded Talgo a €280m contract to supply seven night train sets and maintain them for 15 years.

      The contract was announced on August 9. Talgo expects financing to be put in place in the coming months, and deliveries from its Alava (Rivabellosa) and Madrid (Las Matas) plants in Spain to begin in 2024.

      It said the trains would be from the same family as the inter-city coaches it supplying...
      15-08-22, 09:06
    • [CN] A brand new corridor on the table for China and Central Asia
      A brand new corridor on the table for China and Central Asia

      A new, Central Asian corridor is on the table, linking China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. The possibility of establishing this corridor became the topic of discussion at a recently held meeting between railway companies of the Central Asian countries involved.
      “The sides discussed the organising of a new corridor, China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Afghanistan and establishing mutually-beneficial conditions...
      15-08-22, 09:01
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