[SE] Värmlandstrafik AB månedskort

I min "karriere" på spor i Värmland hadde vi på SJ mange rare seanser med misbruk av Värmlandstrafik sine månedskort og andre terminkort....

En liten utflukt til Astilleros Españoles

Vårvinteren 1992 ble det flere turer til M/S Prinsesse Ragnhild [Color Line] som lå til ombygging ved Astilleros Españoles, i Cadiz....

Med JC 57783 til Roma med tørrfisk

En gang for mange år siden var det en kollega av meg in lastebil bransjen som behøvde akutt nødhjelp med å få av gårde en last med tørrfisk til...

[SE] Det er lenge til SJul

Går alle Tåg på Jul ?
Ja, de fleste tog går på hjul, men ikke riktig alle.
Spørsmålet bærer på en historie fra min tid i Värmland,...

[SE] Mitt siste SJ Team kom i mål, og kaffe får man i SJs Lounge !

Av og til dukker det opp minner fra en hyggelig tid, sammen med hyggelige kolleger ute langs sporene.
Dette bildet ble tatt da vi var kommet i mål...

[GB] Nedtelling til full stopp


  • [GB] Nedtelling til full stopp

    UK Strike: countdown to shutdown

    The Great British Rail Strike is just one day away, and barring a turning of the tide that would impress even King Canute, the network is set to grind to a halt on Tuesday, and Thursday, and again on Saturday. Neither side has been in conciliatory mood. Sunday was a day in which both sides of the argument pursued their beliefs with religious zeal – albeit in words and sentiment that would be unwelcome in a place of worship.

    More mature readers will remember the days of the 1970s, when strikes drove Britain into the Winter of Discontent. The stakes seem just as high now, with the government digging in for a long struggle, and with the trades unions equally entrenched. Fifty years ago, it was the mining unions that led the revolt. This time the stage is set for the rail unions to be in the limelight. If not quite worthy of Shakespeare, at least in the 2020s, the weather seems better.

    A general strike on the horizon
    Embattled transport minister Grant Shapps was in no mood to mollify strikers when he spoke to British media on Sunday. Shapps repeated the message given in a bitter speech at a north London depot of Siemens on Thursday. He again warned rail workers that they were striking themselves out of a job and derided the unions – principally the RMT – for leading them into a battle designed to derail the hard-won reforms of the network.

    Mick Lynch, the thus-far eloquent leader of the RMT, has refused to rise to the baiting of his Westminster adversary. However, at the weekend, he repeated his calls for other unions to take up the cause of the working people. Also, for the first time, the prospect of a general strike was tabled. That is a state of affairs that not even the most long-lived readers will recall from anything more than the history books. Nevertheless, the spectre of 1926 still haunts the nation.

    Management, not government responsibility
    Politician Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour party, weighed in with unalloyed criticism. He told national media that the strike simply should not be happening. However, his startling comment was not aimed at the unions. He said that the government was spoiling for a fight, and wanted the strike. His comments drew comparisons with the right-wing Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

    Shapps said the strike is unnecessary and it is jumping the gun. He claimed talks were still ongoing – however he reiterated his stance that it was for the railway management, not the government, to resolve the issue. Given that the railways – at least insofar as passenger operations are concerned have been under a management agreement since the height of the pandemic, and infrastructure management has been a government department for even longer – there is a reasonable argument that the UK government already has a significant management responsibility for the railway.

    About twenty per cent of trains to run
    Despite the inevitable disruption to both freight and passenger operations, the public at large appear to be siding with the rail workers. A cross-section of the travelling public, interviewed for the BBC, generally agreed with the unions.

    Several reasons were put forward, including distaste with the government’s unyielding stance, and the admission that a generous settlement for rail workers would make it possible for similar agreements in other sectors. Nevertheless, with even optimistic estimates put just twenty per cent of trains running on Tuesday. Comedians say that would be about normal for ScotRail. The publicly run network in Scotland is also facing a long-running dispute with the specialist train drivers union ASLEF.

    With other disputes coming down the line in other parts of the country, Sunday seemed to be the last day in which armageddon on rails could be avoided. It will take a miracle now.


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    • [GB] Scotland given the power to electrify railways
      Scotland given the power to electrify railways

      Scotland’s publicly run railway has been given the funding to address electric power supply issues. The injection of 120 million pounds (140 million euros) will help the network reach the Scottish government’s ambitious target of completely decarbonising operations by 2035.

      In collaboration with Network Rail, a three-year programme will see radical upgrades to the electricity power supply regime serving Scotland’s railway...
      05-07-22, 17:29
    • [CH] [EU] Switzerland, EU discuss extension of joint land transport agreement
      Switzerland, EU discuss extension of joint land transport agreement

      Swiss authorities have voiced support for extending cooperation with the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) as both sides stressed the importance of simplifying cross-border traffic. At the most recent meeting of the Joint Land Transport Committee on 24 June, officials discussed extending the current transitional agreement with strong support for mutually beneficial market access.

      “Both sides want...
      05-07-22, 08:46
    • [ES] Spain: 123 million investment links the port of Castellon to the TEN-T network
      Spain: 123 million investment links the port of Castellon to the TEN-T network

      The Spanish infrastructure manager Adif has put out a tender to construct the southern railway access to the port of Castellon. The line’s construction will link the port to the Mediterranean TEN-T corridor and facilitate rail connections between the ports of Barcelona and Valencia.

      The port of Castellon is a medium-sized port between Barcelona and Valencia. With the ports of Barcelona and...
      05-07-22, 08:41
    • [GB] UK government sets out a future of freight
      UK government sets out a future of freight

      An extensive report from the British government has set out its vision for the future of freight in the UK, covering all modes including rail. It says the entire sector must face up to future challenges to ensure it remains cost efficient, resilient and valued by society.
      The document, “Future of Freight: a long-term plan”, outlines measures to establish a Strategic Freight Unit within Great British Railways, and to put a duty on...
      05-07-22, 08:37
    • [SE] SAS søker konkursbeskyttelse i USA
      SAS inleder domstolsprocess i USA genom att ansöka om ett chapter 11-förfarande för att genomföra viktiga delar av SAS FORWARD-planen och kommer att fortsätta serva sina kunder genom processen

      SAS AB (”SAS”) meddelar att Bolaget tar nästa steg i den omfattande transformationsplanen SAS FORWARD. För att fortsätta genomförandet av viktiga delar i planen har SAS och vissa av dess dotterbolag lämnat in en frivillig ansökan om att inleda ett chapter 11-förfarande i USA,...
      05-07-22, 08:29
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