[SE] Värmlandstrafik AB månedskort

I min "karriere" på spor i Värmland hadde vi på SJ mange rare seanser med misbruk av Värmlandstrafik sine månedskort og andre terminkort....

En liten utflukt til Astilleros Españoles

Vårvinteren 1992 ble det flere turer til M/S Prinsesse Ragnhild [Color Line] som lå til ombygging ved Astilleros Españoles, i Cadiz....

Med JC 57783 til Roma med tørrfisk

En gang for mange år siden var det en kollega av meg in lastebil bransjen som behøvde akutt nødhjelp med å få av gårde en last med tørrfisk til...

[SE] Det er lenge til SJul

Går alle Tåg på Jul ?
Ja, de fleste tog går på hjul, men ikke riktig alle.
Spørsmålet bærer på en historie fra min tid i Värmland,...

[SE] Mitt siste SJ Team kom i mål, og kaffe får man i SJs Lounge !

Av og til dukker det opp minner fra en hyggelig tid, sammen med hyggelige kolleger ute langs sporene.
Dette bildet ble tatt da vi var kommet i mål...

[SE] Det var dette med Jernbane og Kaffe.

Det var dette med Jernbane og kaffe da.

Jeg er ikke den som er mest flittig til å reise med museumsjernbanene som vi har rundt omkring oss....



Beklager, du er ikke autorisert til å se denne siden

Tagger fra Forumsidene !


Dagens fødselsdager


Det er ingen medlemmer med fødselsdag i dag.

Nytt fra Jernbane.Net's fotogalleri !

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  • [US] Amtrak returns passenger trains to Burlington
    Amtrak returns passenger trains to Burlington

    USA: Regular inter-city trains have begun serving the largest city in Vermont following a gap of 69 years, with the extension of Amtrak’s Ethan Allen Express to Burlington.

    The daily train to and from New York previously terminated at Rutland, Vermont, but has now been extended north by 115 km to Burlington, also calling at Vergennes and Middlebury, where new facilities have been developed as part of a state-funded project launched...
    06-08-22, 09:47
  • [US] Amtrak Southwest Chief Derailment Investigation Under Way
    Amtrak Southwest Chief Derailment Investigation Under Way (UPDATED 10 PM June 28)

    Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train 4 traveling eastbound from Los Angeles to Chicago on June 27 derailed after striking a dump truck that was obstructing a public grade crossing in Missouri. Four people died as a result of the accident; multiple people were injured. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy in a June 28 media briefing said the agency was focused on the grade crossing,...
    29-06-22, 10:26
  • [US] For Amtrak, 50 More Siemens ALC-42s
    For Amtrak, 50 More Siemens ALC-42s

    Amtrak has exercised an option with Siemens Mobility for an additional 50 ALC-42 (“Amtrak Long-Distance Charger, 4,200 HP”) diesel-electric locomotives, bringing the total contract value to $2 billion, including supplemental multiyear maintenance support. The amount also includes about $850 million in funding set aside when the initial order of 75 units was announced in 2018.

    The EPA Tier 4-compliant, AC-traction ALC-42 primarily...
    27-06-22, 08:49
  • [US] Amtrak is working toward replacement of B&P Tunnel in Baltimore.
    Amtrak is working toward replacement of B&P Tunnel in Baltimore.

    Amtrak has kicked off the procurement phase for the $1-plus billion Southern Approach construction package, which is the first of three major construction contracts for the B&P Tunnel Replacement Program in Baltimore. Amtrak has issued a Request for Letters Of Interest (LOI) to the industry, indicating that this portion of the program will be completed under a Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) delivery approach....
    24-06-22, 09:18
  • [US] Forbes and Ike Brannon Have It All Wrong
    Ignoring the “Hinterlands,” the heartland of America, as Jack Kemp Institute Senior Fellow Ike Brannon champions in his Forbes article, “Amtrak’s Expansion To The Hinterlands Will Be Costly To The Government & The Economy,” will in reality be expensive to the U.S. government, the economy and the American way of life.

    Brannon follows in the footsteps of numerous other coastal elites denigrating any rail investment outside the Northeast Corridor (NEC); recycling the same misrepresentations...
    20-06-22, 09:22
  • [US] Next Step in Gulf Coast Case: Mediation

    The Surface Transportation Board (STB) on June 10 ordered Board-sponsored mediation in the Gulf Coast case between Amtrak on one side and CSX, Norfolk Southern (NS), and the Alabama State Port Authority and its Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks division (collectively, the Port) on the other. CSX and Amtrak respond.

    The freight railroads and the Port last month renewed their request for mediation, saying they “continue to believe that an amicable resolution is possible—one...
    15-06-22, 08:59
  • [US] Amtrak advances Northeast Corridor improvements
    Amtrak is making necessary infrastructure improvements between Washington D.C. and New York as part of a larger effort to improve the railroad, bring it to a state of good repair and to enhance the overall customer experience.

    Amtrak has committed approximately $130 million for rail improvements, of which over $55 million will be performed this summer. The railroad has also hired 500 new employees to complete these projects and will continue to hire additional workers.

    09-06-22, 09:36
  • [US] Amtrak to STB: We Want New Host Railroad Rules

    The authority vested in the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to decide issues concerning passenger trains has been expanding lately. On May 27, Amtrak asked the Board to intervene in a dispute with Canadian National (CN) over a number of issues, including on-time performance (OTP), penalties for low performance, and incentives to improve performance.

    Amtrak made its initial filing in a new round of proceedings in Case No. FD-35743, captioned Application of the National Railroad...
    04-06-22, 10:11
  • [US] Gulf Coast Battle: An Interim Report
    The witness phase of the slugout between Amtrak on one side and CSX, Norfolk Southern (NS) and the Port of Mobile on the other, ended May 12 as its 11th day concluded. It ended not with T.S. Eliot’s oft-quoted “whimper” but truly with a bang.

    It was held before the Surface Transportation Board, and STB Chair Martin J. Oberman characterized it as “an unprecedented hearing” and “maybe the longest ever.” The “bang” was a frank, forthright and apparently frustrated summation...
    19-05-22, 08:22
  • [US] Amtrak to restore Amtrak Hartford Line Service to pre-pandemic levels

    Amtrak, alongside the CTDOT and MassDOT, are restoring the Amtrak Hartford Line Service to meet increasing passenger demand.

    Amtrak is restoring service of Amtrak Hartford Line Service trains (operating between New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA via Hartford, CT) in response to anticipated increased demand. In coordination with state partners at the Connecticut and Massachusetts Departments of Transportation, Amtrak will restore the Amtrak Hartford Line to pre-pandemic (before...
    29-04-22, 09:28
  • [US] Acela Trainsets: Amtrak Reveals Interiors, New Revenue Service Date

    Photo: In the new Acela trainsets, the color “red” distinguishes First Class from Business Class—as evident in the headrests here, and also on the door to the trainset. These First Class seats provide more space and leg room as well as personal tray tables, according to Amtrak. (Photo Courtesy of Amtrak)

    Amtrak on March 31 provided a look inside its new Acela trainsets from Alstom that it said will now enter Northeast Corridor service in fall 2023—another delay.

    04-04-22, 12:28
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