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[DE] Bombardier: Battery-powered Talent makes 40km

Ronny Maarud
[DE] Bombardier: Battery-powered Talent makes 40km
21. September 2018, kl. 21:07
Bombardier: Battery-powered Talent makes 40 km

On the occasion of the InnoTrans fair Bombardier presented the first Talent with battery-powered accessory drive at the Hennigsdorf factory. On this three-part vehicle, battery packs with a capacity of 300 kWh are accommodated on the middle car. The manufacturer specifies the range in battery-powered operation as 40 km. The battery is charged via the current collector beneath the catenary in about seven to ten minutes, as well as by regenerative braking. The vehicle will be approved for 140 km/h for both operating modes. Bombardier expects approval to be given by mid-2019 when the vehicle is planned to be tested at DB Regio in the Ulm region.

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