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[EU] Railadventure anskaffer flere lok

Arne Lie
[EU] Railadventure anskaffer flere lok
12. January 2019, kl. 09:42
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RailAdventure acquires new locomotives for international transports
Written by Railcolor

Interim rail operator RailAdventure is buying two new locomotives. For the transport of railway vehicles to Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania the company has acquired locomotive 183 500 from mgw Service. For similar services in France, a Vossloh DE 18 diesel-electric machine will be added to the fleet.

RailAdventure, which specialises in transfer of (mostly) new rolling stock and test drives, is steadily expanding its fleet of locomotives. In order to underline its neutrality towards its various railway industry customers, RailAdventure prefers to acquire carefully selected ‘classic’ locomotives as these are not directly associated to any of the established manufacturers.
But, as the company was searching for new locomotives to be used for international services to countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and France it had to conclude a ‘neutral’ option just wasn’t available. So it was decided to add two modern locomotives to the fleet:

183 500 acquired from mgw Service
First newcomer is the designated 183 500. This ES64U4 type locomotive was bought from mgw Service. Siemens delivered this machine back in 2008, and was the only locomotive of its type in the fleet of mgw Service, nowadays fully owned by lease company Akiem. Its history:

RailAdventure 183 500 history
Siemens 21315 / 2008
Abnahme MMAL 29.09.2008 as type ES64U4-B (DE and AT certified)
01.10.2008, delivered officially to mgw Service GmbH in Kassel
the locomotive is hired to (mostly) German rail operators such as EGP, HLG, Locon, Captrain etc.
04.09.2015: Revision R1 completed by mgw Service in Krefeld
01.2017: Lease company Akiem acquires mgw Service
November 2018: 183 500 is seen without mgw Service logos

As of 02.01.2019, the 183 500 is officially owned by RailAdventure. During the past days the machine was repainted in the known two-tone grey livery at the workshops in Dessau (DE). However, currently the machine only has PZB / LZB train protection systems installed, so Siemens is tasked to install the country packages for Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. on the 183 500. This will be come during the upcoming months. Until then the machine will predominantly be used for test drives of the new Siemens Mireo EMUs and CAF’s Flytoget. The necessary equipment for these task has already been installed.

Vossloh DE18 for France
A similar story is the search for an older locomotive for the French market. Therefore, a DE 18 was purchased from Vossloh Locomotives, which will become available this summer. This locomotive is much needed for transports from and to the Spanish-French border crossings at Irun and Hendaye, plus can be used for the transfer of new rail vehicles to the UK.


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