[GB] Lewes bonfire night just seven weeks away
16. September 2019, kl. 10:55
Govia Thameslink Railway - 2019-09-16 09:38 BST

The emergency services, Southern and other organisations are reminding people that Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations mean changes to train services and a number of road closures.

The measures are part of plans to keep the event as safe and trouble-free as possible.

Lewes Bonfire Night presents a unique challenge to the multi-agency group tasked with ensuring public safety.

The tens of thousands of people expected in the town mean there is a real danger from over-crowding, particularly in popular areas such as the war memorial.

In addition the parades and displays by the Bonfire Societies involve significant amounts of fireworks,

Last year, the operation to keep people safe involved hundreds of staff from emergency services, the local council and other organisations.

There were four arrests on the night, 20 recorded offences in the town and 78 people were hurt during the celebrations. Many of these were hurt on the procession routes and by bangers or other fireworks. Over-crowded streets make it harder for emergency services to reach those in need of help.

This is why the multi-agency group cannot be complacent and have taken a number of actions ahead of the event.

As with previous years, a series of travel restrictions will be introduce for 5 November 2019 to help reduce the risks of a serious incident.

These are being confirmed well ahead of the event in order to allow people more time to plan. People are also being encouraged to attend fireworks events closer to home and not to attend Lewes Bonfire Night.

Road closures will be put in place around the town centre from 16.45 pm on 5 November 2019 as follows:

A27 junction with A277 Brighton Road (Ashcombe Roundabout)
A27 junction with A26 (Southerham Roundabout)
A26 junction with B2192 Ringmer Road (Earwig Corner)
C7 Kingston Road junction with C324 Wellgreen Lane
A275 Offham Rd junction with B2116 Plumpton Road
A27 junction with Southerham Lane (Cliffe Industrial Estate)
Rail travel

Plans for rail travel on 5 November are as follows:

There will be no trains calling at Lewes, Glynde and Southease after 17.00 in line with the Lewes Road closure order.
There will be no trains calling at Cooksbridge after the 16.16 from Victoria to Eastbourne has stopped there at 17.20 - the same as last year following representations and review.
There will be no trains calling at Falmer after the departure of the 18.31 Brighton to Hastings service at 18.40. This is a change from last year, when the last train was at 17.00, and it has been made in response to feedback.
No trains will call at the above stations until the first timetabled trains on the morning of the 6th November. Updates from the multi-agency group can be found at: []

Southern has an information page here: []

We recognise that there will be an impact on train passengers and road users who are not planning to attend the event. The decision to bring in travel restrictions has been made in the best interests of safety. We hope that those who are inconvenienced will understand that and have time to make alternative arrangements where possible.

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