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[EU] Preparing railways for the 5G and FRMCS era

[EU] Preparing railways for the 5G and FRMCS era
29. May 2020, kl. 11:56
5G will enable rail operators to upgrade their communications networks and use digital and IoT technologies to improve safety, efficiency and customer service. It will also help them support the FRMCS standard, which will soon replace GSM-R and other legacy systems.

Our new white paper describes how 5G can transform railway operations and why an early start on 5G migration can ensure that operators are ready to seize opportunities created by FRMCS.

Read this free paper to learn how a Nokia 5G network can help railway operators:
Ensure reliability for mission-critical applications
Reduce operating costs with automation and improved communication
Maintain rolling stock and trackside assets more predictively
Improve safety and security with real-time video analytics
Keep pace with changing connectivity and infotainment demands

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