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[SE] SAS åpner ny rute mellom Heathrow og Luleå

[SE] SAS åpner ny rute mellom Heathrow og Luleå
11. May 2021, kl. 08:15
SAS åpner ny rute mellom Heathrow og Luleå

SAS opens new direct route between London Heathrow and Luleå, Swedish Lapland

SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, in conjunction with Swedish Lapland Visitors Board and Luleå Airport, has announced the launch of a new seasonal route for winter 2021-2, which will open a direct connection between London Heathrow and Luleå Airport.

The flight will operate on Mondays and Fridays, beginning 17 December 2021 and running until 21 March 2022. It is the only direct flight connection between Swedish Lapland and the United Kingdom and will be operated by modern, fuel-efficient Airbus A320 aircraft in order to minimise climate-affecting emissions.

The flight is the culmination of a number of years’ work for the teams at Swedish Lapland Visitors Board and Luleå Airport. Luleå and Swedish Lapland attracts a growing number of British and European travellers each year with the destination’s many exclusive hotels, incomparable arctic lifestyle and outdoor winter activities that are very appealing to the British market. The timetable and route will also suit northerners who want to discover London, whether that be for leisure or business travel.

It is extremely easy for travel agents to access tickets for their clients for the flight via GDS systems or via a number of dedicated packages created by the flight’s partners, Artisan Travel, Best Served Scandinavia (Wexas) and Sunvil.

“Improved accessibility is a crucial factor for the continued development of the hospitality industry in this part of Sweden. That we have succeeded in attracting airlines to invest in a direct route is a sign of confidence in our destination. Although Sweden is not currently on the UK government’s green list, that SAS has continued to pursue launching this route says something about the potential linked to international guests’ demand for our Arctic culture and nature”, says Annika Fredriksson, acting CEO of Swedish Lapland Visitors Board.

“We are very happy to be able to offer a route with an attractive timetable that connects Luleå and the rest of Northern Sweden with London. Interest in northern Scandinavia is constantly growing as travellers look for new and more natural experiences. Several tour operators and travel agencies have shown interest in the new line. London is also the largest European market for many companies in northern Sweden and the new route will contribute to growth for the region's business community,” says Theres Briger, Head of Sales, Sweden, SAS.

“It is extremely gratifying that now, when the vaccinations are underway, we can start looking ahead again and that we will have an international flight route from Luleå Airport this winter. Accessibility will be important in the restart after the pandemic and more direct routes are important for the region and the hospitality industry throughout Sweden”, says Ann-Christin Viklund, Airport Manager at Luleå Airport.

Ann-Christin concludes, “Being able to offer our travellers direct flights to London means a smoother and safer journey, which will attract more visitors to the region. That SAS, which is a key player in the Scandinavian travel industry, chooses to launch a route between Luleå Airport and London is really a feather in the cap, not only for our airport, but also for the region as an attractive destination.”

Cecilia Petzäll, Travel Trade manager at Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, believes that the hospitality companies in Swedish Lapland are well prepared. Not only have they been collaborating more than ever before with one another, in collaboration with tour operators and wholesalers based in the UK and SAS, the companies have created several attractive Arctic packages for guests to enjoy. They are ready to receive an increased number of visitors next winter season with the same authenticity and quality that they are renowned for.

“The world's hospitality industry has had a really tough year and the fact that this direct flight is being launched gives us all hope for a brighter future for the companies in the destination Swedish Lapland.”, says Cecilia.

“For many years, we have built awareness of our Arctic destination through collaborating with the UK media and with an ever growing presence on social media, showcasing our fantastic entrepreneurs' unique and attractive experiences. It has paid off. Before the pandemic hit, the number of British guest nights has increased by 5% year on year. We can’t wait to see this number grow even more as a result of the flight”, Cecilia concludes.

Listings information
Seasonal flight dates: From 17th December 2021 – 21st March 2022
Flight duration: 3hrs

Kilde: Swedavia


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