Støtt oss InterRailVogna-Jernbane.Net
Startside - Postvogna

The InterRailvogna is now safely parked on a siding

We thank you all who for many years have actively contributed to the fact that we have all had a nice place to hang out where we have talked about railways, boats, buses, trams and other goodies.
You can register for our new Jernbane.Net forum by using this address.

When you register in our new forum, you must be aware that the following is necessary for the registration to be approved:

A: Your username should be: First name + Any middle name + Last name

B: Date of birth month and year, to be filled in.

C. You MUST choose one of the possible memberships, as well as pay for this when you register,

Incomplete registrations will be blocked, but you can continue as a guest with limited access to forums and galleries! We look forward to continuing to follow you in the new forum, welcome!

Beklager, bare registrerte brukere kan lese dette forumet.